When I read John Morrow’s 600+ Power Words That’ll Pack Your Writing With Emotion, I was quite excited.  Not only had I been dreaming about having a successful blog, thus the reason I am reading at SmartBlogger.com,  I am also always reading books on body language, persuasion, pre-suasion, marketing psychology etc.  This particular article of John’s fit perfectly into the mix.

But how do you use a word list?

If these power words are not part of my writing voice, how can I best use a word list to my advantage?

My first thought was printing out all 600+ words in a large font and covering the walls around my desk.  But you can’t search and replace with power word lists, because you know the words you want placed into your writing but you don’t necessarily know the words to search for.  It looks like the process was going to be reading an article over and over again, trying to recognize which words might be suitable to be replaced with power words.  Argh!  That would double or triple the time spent on an article or page of content.

I read more articles about power word lists.  Word lists are all over the web and all over social media.  No one mentions a tool that can automate the process of using words lists to maximum affect.  ???

But wait!  I’m a programmer!  In theory I can make just about anything.

Call it God’s guiding hand or simply serendipity…  As it happens, I read John’s article a few months after finishing a project where I had already built the core functionality that I needed for what I am calling the Suggestion Engine.  And so the idea for Word List Ninja was born!

The Suggestion Engine will use a power word thesaurus of several thousand words that are synonyms of power words based around John Morrow’s article.  Word List Ninja will accept plain text, scan thousands of words instantly, correlate neutral and weak words with power words and generate a custom response that is the original submitted text with suggested power words following identified weak words, maybe something like this:

“… check out these great [captivating] photos that will make you want [desire] to travel to …”.

The suggested power words are inside the square brackets.  The suggested words easily spotted and the article edited to the author’s delight!

I plan to have a few subscription options, including: 1 or 2 days – all base features; core – all base features with unlimited use, including a custom editor with one-click word replacement and hover-over power word definitions; premium – edit word lists and create personal word lists, machine learning for high accuracy suggestions based on part of speech (adverb, noun, verb), and a WordPress plugin to use Word List Ninja from within the subscriber’s blog.  And much more!

I am open to comments and suggestions!  Please use our contact form or leave comments below.

More soon!