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Word List Ninja is for bloggers, marketers, aspiring novelists and script writers, even students… everyone that wants to add serious kick to their writing!

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How Word List Ninja Works

Word List Ninja has two main components:  the Power Word Thesaurus (or just ‘the Thesaurus’) and the Suggestion Engine.

The Thesaurus includes several hundred power words that are mapped to several thousand low-engagement words.  Power word verbs are conjugated into four tenses: present, past, future and third-person present.  The Thesaurus is continuously revised based on research and also your feedback.  The Thesaurus is also continuously growing, with new power words and low-engagement words being added all the time.

The Suggestion Engine is the heart of Word List Ninja.  It instantly compares your text against thousands of low-engagement words and generates a response that is your original text with power word suggestions inserted next to possible low-engagement words.  It looks like this:

Original text:
“… wild and false allegations…”

Word List Ninja response:
“… wild [barbaric,preposterous,rampant,rude] and false [dishonest,lying,misleading,phony] allegations…”

Which you might edit to read as:
“… preposterous and phony allegations…”

You make the final edits.  It’s your writing, with stronger words.

Word List Ninja is educational!  As you read and edit your writing to include power words, you will begin to adopt the use of those words in your writing voice!

Because of the nature of the English language, one word can have multiple meanings and multiple parts of speech.  So yes, you’ll get some suggestions that don’t make sense.  Don’t worry, editing in Word List Ninja is very fast with One-click Suggestion Block delete.  And it’ll be even faster with these upcoming features!

New Features Coming Soon

  • Mouse-over power word definitions – for that perfect word.
  • One-click editing. Click a suggested word, the weak word and suggestion segment vanish.
  • ‘Part of speech’ recognition for increased accuracy.
  • User thesauruses – customize the Thesaurus and create your own.
  • WordPress plugin – integrate Word List Ninja with your WP blog.
  • Expansion thesauruses – business and marketing ‘jargon’ enhanced word lists.

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